Convicted Driver Advice


Has you are probably aware convicted drivers are classed as high risk which means premiums will be a lot higher than normal and you need a specialised car insurance company who cover convicted drivers. We can help you find quotes that are the most competitive in the market for drivers with motoring convictions. Simply try our free no obligation price comparison search engine and we will do all the hard work for you rather than you having the stress yourself of making phone call after phone call. We can find you the best rate that is affordable to you as well as ensuring you get the necessary cover that you really need.

With hundreds of types of convicted driver schemes available including DR10 drink driving, DD40 dangerous driving and even DR80 for attempting to drive under the influence of drugs a suitable car insurance policy can be found for you. Our price comparison site will search all insurance companies that deal in convicted driving offences and we will also save you money. If you have already searched for quotes then it is more than likely a more suitable idea would be to try them all at once with us.