Dangerous Driving Insurance


Dangerous driving not only includes situations where the driver has taken a deliberate decision to drive in a particular way, but also covers situations where a driver has made a mistake or an error of judgement that was so substantial that it caused the driving to be dangerous, even if only for a short time.

The circumstances of every case will be unique and we will consider these in each case before reaching a decision as to the appropriate level of charge.

There are decided cases that provide some guidance as to the driving that courts will regard as dangerous and the following examples are typical of what we are likely to regard as dangerous driving:

    racing or competitive driving;

    speed, which is highly inappropriate for the prevailing road or traffic conditions;

    aggressive driving, such as sudden lane changes, cutting into a line of vehicles, or driving much too close to the vehicle in front;

    disregard of traffic lights and other road signs, which, on an objective analysis, would appear to be deliberate;

    disregard of warnings from fellow passengers;

    overtaking which could not have been carried out safely;

    driving a vehicle with a load which presents a danger to other road users;

    where the driver is suffering from impaired ability, such as having an arm or leg in plaster, or impaired eyesight;

    driving when too tired to stay awake;

    driving a vehicle knowing it has a dangerous defect;

    using a hand-held mobile phone or other hand-held electronic equipment when the driver was avoidably and dangerously distracted by that use;

    reading a newspaper/map;

    talking to and looking at a passenger where the driver was avoidably and dangerously distracted by that;

    selecting and lighting a cigarette, or similar, in circumstances where the driver was avoidably and dangerously distracted by that.