Drink Driving Insurance


Welcome to Convicted Driver Insurance, has the name suggests we specialize in finding quotes for only one type of insurance and that is for the convicted driver, if you require Drink Driving Insurance look no further.

Most UK bans are for drunk driving offences, although many others are for totting up for either a number of speeding offences or combinations of offences such as speeding (typically SP30, SP50 codes), driving without insurance (typically IN10 conviction code), driving without a licence (often an LC10 code) or convictions for driving without due care and attention (most often a CD10 code).

You will need to declare each of the convictions that led to your totting up ban as well as fines, points and length of ban but then our partner will go to the market and see which insurance providers will be able to provide a quote for you. (Conviction codes are different in Northern Ireland).

Drink driving offences cause the most driving bans in the UK. The Legal Limit for drivers is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, often referred to as blood-alcohol concentration. In terms of breathalyser tests the limit for alcohol is 35 µg (micro grammes) per 100 ml, the limit for urine tests is 107 mg per 100 ml. We at Convicted Driver Insurance are confident at getting you a very competitive quote.

Typically these limits are the equivalent of two pints of normal beer for a male of normal weight. However the science is inexact and the only way to be sure you are not breaking the law is not to drink before driving. It is even possible for courts to take into account drink levels below the legal limit when reviewing the cause of an accident. For any offence of driving or attempting to drive while over the prescribed alcohol limit, there is a mandatory minimum sentence of one year's disqualification and after that a DR10 insurance quote is likely to add to your annual bills.