Convicted Driver Insurance

Welcome to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Use Convicted Driver Insurance ?

Convicted Driver Insurance is a clever system that helps you to find cheaper insurance. By filling in an online forms, you can submit your information to the car insurance quote systems of some of the UK's leading insurance brokers. Convicted Driver Insurance then retrieves quotes based on your information and returns the results (where available) in real time so that you can see which companies are most likely to be cheapest for you.

Do you offer or sell car insurance?

No. Convicted Driver Insurance connects to other motor insurance quote systems with your details and returns the quotes that we get from these systems. This allows you to compare prices from different brokers. To take out insurance, you must contact the broker directly (through the telephone number we supply, or through their website). This will ensure that you get an accurate price from the broker.

What is a broker?

A broker is a company that sources insurance from you. They shop around and compare quotes from a number of insurance policies, and then give you the option of which to buy from. Because brokers are of different sizes, some of them have got better relationships with some insurance companies than others. This means that some brokers will be cheaper for some insurance policies than others

Why should I use Convicted Driver Insurance rather than going direct to a broker or insurance company?

Convicted Driver Insurance is essentially here to help you compare quotes from brokers and companies. If you only go to one company, you might get just one quote from them - if you go to a broker, they might not search all the insurance companies that we do. By using Convicted Driver Insurance, we compare both brokers and insurance companies, so you are more likely to find a better deal.

Does using Convicted Driver Insurance make my insurance more expensive?

No. The insurance companies do not charge you any extra money because you found their policy through Convicted Driver Insurance. By using our system, you should save money because you will have been able to compare quotes.

Why do you need so many details?

We send your details to various insurers. These insurers use different factors to determine your quote. For example, your postcode will give them information about how much car crime is in your region, and your age will let them see if they can find you a reduced premium for people in your age group. As many of the quote systems that Convicted Driver Insurance connects to insist on this information to return a quote to you, its essential that you fill in our quote system accurately and completely in order to get accurate quotes.