High risk car insurance


At convicted driver insurance we put the needs of our clients first, that is our top priority, and therefore it is our aim to look after our high risk car insurance clients. We understand that having a car and being able to drive is crucial to most people and not being able to will deeply affect your employerability.

That's why at convicted driver insurance we won't apply high premiums and unlike many other car insurers who often have substantially higher rates for high risk drivers we keep our rates as low as possible.

Many young drivers find that their car insurance is a lot higher than older drivers, they are being penalised for the minority of young drivers who have had accidents or who have been convicted for dangerous driving offences.

This means that a lot of car insurers put all young drivers into the same category and apply higher rates to their insurance packages. We don't do this; all of our drivers are unique and deserve a fair chance to get back on the road.

But it's not just young drivers who may need high risk car insurance , if you have a driving conviction for driving under the influence or have been involved in multiple car accidents then you will be classed as a high risk car insurance driver. At convicted driver insurance, we provide a totally unjudgemental service and will not penalised you for being unlucky.

Contact convicted driver insurance now to see how you can get back on the road.