Speeding Ticket Insurance


Evidence shows a correlation between the number of convictions a person may have and how likely they are to make a claim, and insurers will normally ask you about any convictions you have received in the last 5 years.

Driving convictions include speeding tickets and the dramatic increase in the number of speed cameras in the UK has meant many more drivers with speeding convictions.

Most Insurance companies find that drivers who have just one speeding ticket and no accidents are just as safe as drivers without a speeding ticket and so don't charge extra.

Drink driving convictions are taken very seriously by insurers. Convicted drivers returning to the roads may face difficulty in obtaining insurance and will certainly have to pay far higher premiums than before their conviction. The level of cover available may be reduced for example from comprehensive down to third party fire and theft. These higher premiums and cover restrictions can well last for a number of years.

That is why we have Convicted Driver Insurance,with our specialist panel who endeavor to find the very best policy that doesn't break the bank.