Why Us

If you are a driver with convictions then you are more than likely aware using a normal price comparison site for your quote is a joke, if you have been banned driver or simply have endorsements, penalty points or have lost your no claims bonus, there are several excellent reasons to choose Convicted Driver Insurance for your quote:

Has the name suggests we specialise in Convicted Driver Insurance and nothing else, so we understand your requirements and with a great deal of experience in this area. We were formed several years ago and have a dedicated team all based in the UK.

Because we're independent, we search the market to get you the very best cover at the very best price. We search a panel of up to 100 leading insurance companies and compare the very best insurance quote – online.

If you need to make a claim, we are always a click away, we work with you to sort things out and to make sure everything has a satisfactory outcome.

The people who work at Convicted Driver Insurance are ultimate professionals, car enthusiasts who like to help, especially if you're having problems finding the right insurance at the right price. We do not employ call centre staff who are only interested in earning there commission.

Because we're online we are open 7 days a week and our free online quote engine is the very best, quickest and most comprehensive available.